Updated 01/09/2005. This page is continually being added to. More projects coming soon.
You need the flash player or the shockwave player to run the games.

The Snowman

A simple drag and drop play school game.

Shockwave 590kb


Whack a worm

A variation of the classic whack a mole game. Here the worms answer back. The students write the questions /short answers and the profiles.

Flash 26 kb



Past tense race

Race the clock. 20 irregualar verbs to remember in 2 minutes.The game checks your spelling mistakes too.

Shockwave 26kb


Stepping stones

Help Simba and his friends cross the river and escape from the hungry crocodile.Another primary project and not as east as it looks.

Shockwave 64kb



A simple beginner quiz written and drawn by young primary students .Do you sometimes tell lies? Find out here.

Shockwave 222kb



Snakes and ladders. The first one to reach100 wins.An Early primary counting exercise.

Shockwave 144kb




The Big Match

Milan v Juve. A very strange football match.You can run with the ball , you can be tackled ,you can lose the ball,and of course you can score but you can't pass or shoot.For some reason Milan start the match 1-0.The players are a little old too.

Shockwave 580kb



The Tube Game

A board game for up to 4 players.The first to land on Piccadilly Station wins the game. You have to answer a question before you can start and at certain junctions if you want to change line. The game present was part of a seconday school project in Trieste about London.The kids deveoped the ideas and questions for the trivia quiz. Be careful the train sometimes runs away with you.

Shockwave 122kb

Frog on a log

The frog must jump across the river. Listen to the sentence and choose the correct log. The frog jumps when you click him. Second year secondary school.

Shockwave 290kb




Island Adventure

Our heros swim to a tropical island after their ship the Titanic hits an iceburg(?!!!),where they find that their problems have only just begun.They are separated and must confront man-eating sharks, cannibals, vampires and pirates and escape on the pirate boat with the buried treasure.
Flash 75kb

Hairy Rotter

Hairy Rotter finds himself locked out of school at night. He can only enter if he finds the Philosopher's Stone located deep in the forbidden forest. He who cannot be named is looking for Hairy and determined to kill him. Hairy must use all his powers to survive and complete his mission. If he fails he will die or worse be expelled.

3d Shockwave 760kb


Dino Land

Click the dinos to hear a description.Early Primary.

Shockwave 240kb



Age of Empires

The Roman Empire is in difficulty.The Barbarians have over run large areas of Europe. As general of the Roman army you must rally your dispirited Legions and drive back the increasingly bold foe.The fate of Rome is in your hands.

Shockwave 160kb


London Crossword

A crossword on London.The students prepare the clues and the answers

Shockwave 37kb